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DeVoCustoms x NFTs

We are living in the greatest era for artists. Not only do we have incredible ways to cut out the middle-person in distributing our work, but now this new NFT phenomenon is allowing artists to actually build real community, and make solid wages for their work like never before. With these changes in the digital art space I've decided to launch my NFT projects! Yes I said it, the man who's been so anti-digital artwork for so long is launching a series of digital art. In addition to digital art, I'm also embarking on a new journey in parallel. That is, crafting my own style as an artist. All this time, I've been doing commissions for customers, which I absolutely love. But while doing this, I was never able to develop a style that was uniquely me. I'm really excited to share my voice as an artist. This style is represented through my NFTs! All the characters, symbols, and motifs are painted directly from my memories of my childhood and adolescent life. I might even dip into some surreal subject matter. Created directly from my memory using no references. So with that I invite you to take look at the collections I have to offer! But first I highly encourage you to please dive into the FAQs to understand what NFTs are, and my utility-focused take on my pieces!! Love you all! 

This link will bring you to my listings on Opensea!

Be sure to have your digital wallet with ethereum ready to make a bid! 


These aren't just JPEGs. My Tokens have real-world value. Click the above for perks you have access to as a DeVoCustoms NFT holder!

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