"How do I place a custom jacket order?"

A wonderful question. Please see the amazingly designed infographic below with the Step-by-Step. Highly recommend also reviewing pricing pyramid and the "Things you should Know" section at the bottom of this page before placing an order. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

how it works.PNG

Step 1

Send me a message through my contact page or Instagram.

Agree on general design idea, pricing, and turnaround time.

Please review my pricing pyramid & Things you should know before ordering.

Step 2

Send your garment of choice to my business mailbox. Once I receive the garment I will add it to my cue.

Step 3

When your garment is next in the cue I will sketch potential designs! This way you have a rough idea what it will look like.

Step 4

We will go back and forth until we agree on a design! 

Step 5

I will paint the design and keep you updated along the way!

Step 6

Once I finish, I will collect your payment. Then I will ship it back to you free of cost!

Things You Should Know

before placing an order


The turnaround time for a jacket can fluctuate depending on the season and demand. As a rule of thumb I say to order 10 weeks before you expect to have your jacket in hand. I can also negotiate rush delivery if needed!


The materials I use make the garments machine washable (I have washing videos as proof). HOWEVER, for best results I recommend hand-washing and scrubbing around the graphic.


Professional leagues and the NCAA own the rights and usage of their logos, uniform designs, colors, numbers, and even player names. Any unauthorized use of these marks can result in a lawsuit. Therefore, I cannot offer them on my jackets. There are creative ways around this that I'm happy to discuss! If you are an athlete or related to an athlete in one of these leagues you may be exempt.

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Feel Free to also check out the FAQs for more common inquiries!