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What started as a simple Instagram post for Minnesota-grown illustrator, Nathan DeVaughn (DeVo) soon evolved into a fully aesthetic brand scheme tailored to each individual.

Every wearer has a story - The scope of the DeVoCustoms brand is to access that story, and tell it how it is.

"This brand is powered by passion for everything art and entrepreneurship. With zero experience in starting a business, I jumped in head first and always held premium product at the forefront.

The painting is fun - but the real mission is to unleash the creativity in everyone."



70+ hand painted Jackets, Flannels and Hoodies later, DeVo's work has reached the hands of clients from Georgia to Germany. By empowering his customers to come up with their own ideas and design concepts, they get to be an integral part of DeVo's execution. Priding himself on versatility with the paint brush,

DeVo is equipped to tell whatever story his clients might have.


The brand stands for the people with that urge to create and a passion for entrepreneurship.

The story of DeVoCustoms should push those budding creatives to take that step.


Denims - Hoodies - Flannels

If you'd like to initiate a project, message us through our contact page.

Include any ideas you have! Then, you can send us your garment of choice.

*Expect it back asap (depends on demand).


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