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by devocustoms

About Fanhood

Like many of his friends, DeVo grew up worshiping sports. His superheros were athletes like Mario Balotelli and Reggie Miller. He followed sports through high school, college, and even landed a role in sports at adidas. What he realized was that sport was giving him reason to live. And he wasn't alone... sports fans do anything for their favorite teams.


At a breathwork meditation class DeVo realized the physical tension and stress he was carrying in his body. Nothing serious but it was clear he needed to allocate more time to his self care. After taking a step back and observing the love that was put into his sports fanhood, he imagines if that same love could be put back into himself.


Self-care is a hard topic for some people to explore. DeVo wanted to use his medium to inspire self care and self love to a sports audience that has love to give. Using the motif of replacing team logos with his name, DeVo wishes people to “root” for themselves. Each piece pays homage to a sports team or sports memory important to DeVo.


Fanhood is love, where are you putting it?

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