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Volumes by DeVo

'Volumes by DeVo' is a written series where DeVo journals about the experiences of building a brand every year.  

The books offer an unfiltered view of the highs and lows of building a brand from scratch. Each volume features a story behind a piece that either transformed his business. OR served as a proper learning lesson. DeVo is admittedly no expert in entrepreneurship but that exactly is the charm of these books. Join him on his creative journey!

Check out our first look-book 'Volume I'

Commemorates the entire 1st year of DeVocustoms as an upcoming brand.


Check out the 2nd look-book 'Volume II'

Commemorates year 2 (Sophomore year) of devocustoms as an established brand.




Check out our LATEST latest book:"Volume III

Focusing on DeVo's 'Ascent,' Volume III is DeVo's most vulnerable piece yet. Check out what Year 3 of DeVoCustoms had to offer! Send me an email or DM to get a digital copy of this book for FREE!

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